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We are offering end-to-end support and guidance with a high success ratio and our hassle free process help you improve your chances of laying a tremendous path to shaping your life leading to your success.

Career Guidance

With so many courses available online that promise a good future, it can be a student's worst nightmare to find his true calling in life. Our services are based on the teacher-student model, and we continually seek out continuing education on the latest career trends to keep you informed.

University Shortlisting & SOP Guidance

Choosing the right university from among the thousands of options is more difficult than deciding to study abroad. Our knowledgeable staff at GVC streamlines the process by making recommendations for universities based on each student's profile, location preferences, financial obligations, and capacity to satisfy those requirements.

Scholarships & Educational Loans

Studying abroad can be a game-changer. International experience frequently gives students' careers a boost because it gets them noticed by potential employers. due to the fact that the majority of organisations are becoming global players and prefer pupils who are accustomed to other cultures.

Application Process & Test Preparations

We ensure that our students don't miss out on scholarships or getting accepted into their top colleges because admissions to most universities have deadlines and seats are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. We provide you with quality guidance and timely information.

Finance & Forex Assistance

For students who want to study abroad, GVC is the best source of information on grants, college scholarships, and financial aid. We aid you in locating the most comprehensive list of universities offering scholarships, as well as pertinent details on banks that offer student loans and other documents support needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Travel Assistance

Our experience is helpful when it comes to offering travel aid, including helping with visa application, following up with authorities until the final approval, recommending the ideal time to travel, and helping with ticketing and insurance. likewise forex services.

Post-Visa Guidance & Accommodation

Most students' journeys with us don't stop with obtaining a visa; instead, they continue with pre-departure briefs, housing arrangements, and navigational assistance in a foreign country. These services go beyond counseling and acceptance, for most students.

Job Assistance

Our associates work out of every nation where we offer educational services, assisting students in finding part-time jobs to support themselves.